Adventure 10 - Corruption and Law - Experience & Synopsis

The party received 10,877 in Experience for the 3 part Adventure 10 bringing everyone’s level to 9.

The party continued its journey to the former High Temple to Najara and found it sitting in the middle of a lake polluted with Kellik infused waters and spewing the same liquid from its sides. The only living thing around the lake was a strange variety of flower never seen before by any member of the party (including the ranger who knew something of herbology).

Exploring the temple within took many hours. Numerous battles were fought against foes such as nightmare spiders from the dream world, evil acolytes of Vashara, a hideous fish like Dalketh, strange zombies with skeletal structures made from chains and the most bizarre of all – A creature stitched together from the upper half of a Sul’spawn and the lower half of a Najai.

It was determined that the temple had been built upon the upper portion of a much older structure that had been largely buried when the new temple was built. Loss confirmed this older structure was a temple in its own right, the ancient Temple of Law that needed to be accessed as part of unlocking the secrets of the Rod of Loss. Some sinister force in the corrupted Temple above was also attempting to gain entrance to buried structure below.

Searching the temple from top to bottom the party was able to accomplish several key things. They located the body of a strange ghost that was haunting the halls. This turned out to be a former High Priestess of Najara. The ghost’s soul had been bound to the weapon that had slain her. The party managed to release her spirit. This deed earned Najara’s blessing as her statue found further on in the chamber was found to be holding a magical spear that Samek took possession of. This spear enabled the party to free the tortured water elemental that had been bound downstairs and was, in its mad rage, helping to spread corruption through the region. It also enabled the party to open the door to the Temple of Law. Along the way the party also defeated a group of cultists dedicated to Vashara that had taken up residence in the upper part of the temple and they destroyed a bound Dalketh creature with strange illusionary powers that was in some way related to the Kellik. All in all though it was a little too easy. The cultists were not particularly strong and there was no sign of the demon the party suspected was responsible for much of the strange experiments they had seen.

Entering the Temple of Law the party found several wards setup by Bel’ren’dorian Tuviel to protect the temple from evil intruders. Most of these traps were only dangerous to Szolagar, who carries some evil taint within him but the last was a huge crystal golem in the shape of Bel’ren’dorian himself. After a sustained battle the party destroyed the golem and was able to access the legendary Scrolls of Law. This artifact from the words creation contained the raw code that made up the laws of existence. Realizing that such an item could not stay in the compromised temple any longer, lest it fall ino the wrong hands and threaten all of Eurthasia, the party made to escape. Alas they found they could not go back the way they had come without a great battle. Back at the entrance to the Temple the party found the Dragon that had been dogging their steps all the way from Zaradeen, the demon they had suspected with chain golem servants and the upper echelon of cultists (who had been mysteriously absent when the party explored the upper levels). As the party had already deduced they had been observed by the enemy who was hoping the party would get them access to the temple they had long sought entrance to. The trap was sprung and it appeared the party was in danger of meeting a grim fate at the claws of their enemies. Only the failing wards of Bel’ren’dorian Tuviel stood between the party and their foes.

The enemy had not counted on the party’s full resources however. Racing down below the party was able to use Cerulean’s earth shaping abilities and Samek’s water manipulating effects to bore a hole into the earth at the buried exit located at the base of the temple. Walling themselves in the party was able to contact the High Priestess Saressa who arranged with an Arch Mage to teleport the party out, even as the dragon, enraged by the trick and the loss of her prize was attempting to dig her way after them.

With the Scrolls of Law safely in their possession and the activities of the dragon, demon and cult disrupted the party was whisked back to safety but several mysteries remained.

What was the nexus between the bound Dalketh creature, the dragon, the cultists and the demon?

What function do the Scrolls of Law have in regards to the Rod of Loss?

Why was a Sul’spawn servant of the Dark Lord surgically altered and set to guard this temple?

Why did he refer to the ancient enemy of the Delvarin people, the wyrm Nazgyrioth as though he was still alive, when he had been slain millennia ago in the 2nd age of world?

These questions and others continued to plague the party as they pondered what to do next.



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