Adventure 11 - Heroes of the Najai - Experience & Synopsis

The party received 4,881 in Experience for the 2 part Adventure 11 keeping everyone’s level to 9 and with a total exp of 44,731.

As a result of their heroic deeds on behalf of the Najai people in discovering the source of the vile Kellyk and the purging of much of the cult of Vashara, the party was summoned before the Najai Empress. Some small amount of trepidation by the party was for naught for the group was welcomed into the Imperial Presence and each member received gifts both precious and wonderful, none the less so because the Empress gifted them herself. The heroes were honored by the Empresses praise and the elevation of the Sajai family to the status of one of the great houses. The revelry would however, be short lived, slain prematurely by the occurrence of the troubling premonitions of Rilae’thee’a, assassination attempts on both Samek’s and Rilae’thee’a’s life, mysterious footpads pursuing Vadin and Loss and the disturbing spore of Dalketh Cerulean found in the Imperial City.

The troubling premonitions occurred during one of Rilae’thee’a’s ritualistic dances that reveal images of the future. In that dream of the future Rilae’thee’a made inadvertent contact with the ancient dragon Nazgyrioth, great enemy of the Delvarin of Astoria in the 2nd age and long believed to be slain. In the future Nazgyrioth seemed whole and in possession of a fragment of the Essayd’Sul (a corrupting artifact of world twisting power known to be in possession of the Storm Lord), which he attempted to use to pull Rilae’thee’a into that time for what presumably would have been a terrible fate. Rilae’thee’a, in desperation reached out to the mysterious entity known as Camille and was saved, though it was a near thing and not without injury. The revelation of the Nazgyrioth’s survival was only made more unnerving by the news that Szolagar would become his servant at some future date if the foretelling came true.

Rilae’thee’a’s was assaulted while traveling from the Imperial Palace to the University by means of a crossbow bolt. The attacker was never found. Samek’s assassination on the other hand was attempted by a dishonored noble, as it turned out, though thanks to Samek’s natural water purifying abilities the effort failed utterly. Samek became aware of the assassin’s identity when the assassin’s wife, having administered familial justice, brought the body to Samek. In traditional form she requested of Samek the Shuliama (fostering) so that her dishonored family’s children would be adopted into the Sajai household to be raised with name and rank. Gracious and forgiving, Samek indicated he would do what he could within his family to ensure the children’s future was secured.

Vadin and Loss noticed while traveling about at night that they were being followed by multiple pursuers. Some of these turned out to be Imperial guards looking out for their safety but the identity and purpose of the others went unrevealed.

Meanwhile Cerulean sensed the spore of Dalketh while traveling through the city. Tracking it, she was led to a squat abandoned tower that was closed by an Imperial Seal that both locked it from intruders and the passage of time. The tower was revealed to have been the former domicile of Nadira, a sorceress of some renown and a former close friend of the Empress who had disappeared mysteriously many years before. With the Empresses blessing the seal was broken so that the party could investigate the Dalketh connection. At the top of the tower a magical gateway was discovered to a pocket dimension that served as Nadira’s true laboratory. Exploring the place revealed a number of things. First Nadira had been an Avatar of Air, chosen by the personification of that element to act as its champion in the world and to house within her soul an elemental. Nadira had anchored her home to the Sphere of Air and her elemental had fled to that place upon Nadira meeting her fate. That same elemental bound itself to Vadin for reasons that aren’t yet revealed. Second Nadira had been conducting research on Dalketh and that she had, much to her misfortune, opened and anchored a gateway through the dream world to the home world of the Dalketh. Third the connection between the three worlds was unstable and failing rapidly, perhaps only maintained as long as it had been by the stasis field of the Empresses magistrate and further destabilized by Cerulean and Samek’s presence. Lastly, Nadira had delved too deeply into her dark research and had become captured, enslaved and transformed by the Dalketh. This last point was brought home when the dream world overtook the pocket dimension transforming it into a place of Dalkethian horror. After a long struggle that destroyed dozens of Dalketh and nearly led the party to an untimely end the heroes confronted the Nadira/Dalketh entity and were able to destroy the anchor that bound the dream world to the Tower. Fortunately Samek’s fidelity prevented the group from being trapped forever in the Dreamworld as he called on his goddesses magic to plane shift the party out of the dreamworld, unfortunately this left them stranded in the Broken Sands far to the South of the Najai Imperial City, lost somewhere in the shadowed realm of Azia.

The journey continues even as the party continues to be plagued with unanswered questions. What are the plans of the dread wyrm Nazgyrioth? What is his connection to the Storm Lord? Who is Camille and what is her purpose? Who was following Vadin and Loss back in the capital and for what purpose? The party now contains Avatars of Earth, Water and Air – what is the significance of the congruence of three elemental powers? Where is the Temple of Order and how does it relate to the Rod of Loss? What is the world destroying threat to the South the Avatars have been warned of? Can the answers to these questions be found in Azia, a nation that even now, under the direction of the self proclaimed God Emperor Az, advances the hounds of war upon the innocent home nations of the party? Are these individual questions the unrelated chances of the moment or are they somehow the related threads of some dark tapestry of future woe.



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