Adventure 12 - The Hidden Cache - Experience and Synopsis

The party received 3,208 in Experience advancing everyone’s level to 10 and with a total exp of 47,939.

At the beginning of the adventure the party found themselves deep in the Broken Sands region of Azzia where all was not well. The party quickly realized that some powerful magical spell was blanketing the region with magical shadows. These shadows seem to confound magical transportation and messaging, preventing the efforts of the Orgus mage to get the party back out and the efforts of Samek to contact the Najai of his order. Likewise the shadows seemed to extend to the dream world leaving even the Ilar in a state of confusion. Worse still the malfunctioning of the communication spell seemed to communicate the presence of the group to Nazgyrioth, the undying sinister dragon from an ancient age. Shortly thereafter a dragon of lesser ilk passed over the party searching but somehow not seeing the party. Numerous flybys continued to occur as the party traveled South but somehow the questing eyes of Nazgyrioth’s servants have failed to alight on the party.

Amidst these troubles however, came a token of hope to the party, in the guise of a mighty phoenix. While the significance of the visitation is still not fully understood the divine being seemed somehow connected with the orb the Orgus had been gifted by the Najai Empress.

After some deliberation the party elected to travel South, skirting the Azzian capital but otherwise following Loss’s guidance towards the enigmatic Temple of Order, the next destination in unraveling the quest for the Rod of Loss. While camped one evening in a dry gully in the desert the party was set upon by a mated pair of gargantuan behirs. A fierce battle ensued and several members of the group seemed as though they might meet their fates in the bellies of the beasts. Only the relentless tenacity of the group allowed them to prevail leaving behind two sliced open corpses to bake before the desert sun. A small amount of searching revealed that the behirs had a nearby lair in what at first seemed a natural cave, but what was later revealed as the entrance to a craftily protected Illuminarian storage depot left over from ancient times. After some exploration, that involved evading (or in one case enduring) a number of protective traps and tricks, the party was able to uncover a vast arsenal of force wrought weapons left over from a staging area of an unfought battle from the Age of Illumination. Along with the weapons is a magical map that provided a way to determine the location of an ancient fortress of evil that has haunted the Broken Sands since the 2nd Age. Unsure what to do with the cache of weapons (enough to equip a small army) or the map, the party stocked up on what it could and resumed their journey hoping to avoid further troubles.

Alas, the southern desert is renown for its dangers. The next day, while riding South the party was nearly overrun by a fleeing herd of bloodworms. Narrowly avoiding the writhing beasts only revealed the fearsome dunewinder worm that was stalking the herd. Attracted to the thundering hooves of the party’s mounts, the creature quickly turned to attack. Wearied by endless battles but undaunted the group resolutely turned to face the worm and dispatched it, though the subsequent explosion of destabilized worm bile nearly slew the Orgus.

The adventure ended with Samek calling on the power of Najara to heal the party’s many wounds. While her divine blessings erased the groups injuries, they did nothing to answer the many questions dogging the adventurer’s steps. What is the connection of Nazgyrioth and Azzian Empire? Why would Nazgyrioth use his might to cloak this region in magic? What is the significance of the Empresses gift to the Orgus and the visitation of the phoenix? What should the party do with the weapons cache and the map? The answers seem as elusive and yet wearing as the broken sands that blow around the heroes.



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