Adventure 3 - Onward to the Past - Synopsis and Experience

Experience for adventure dated 11/7/08 is 4,345. Everyone should have 8,596 total and now be 4th level.

Events of the last adventure:

The party returned to the Temple of Death in Tellan and defeated the high priest and his undead minions. As he died the High Priest swore he would live again and cursed the party.

The party subsequently began the journey to the diplomatic gathering in Zaradeen (both to pursue their own individual agendas and at the behest of Lady Blade) and enroute was transported back in time to the 2nd age of the world before the Broken Sands came into being. The party was pursued by an agent of death and fled to a tower that later was revealed to be the Gardens of one A’lu’shea, a powerful Delvarin druid of that time. For reasons that were not totally revealed A’lu’shea agreed to help save the party from the agent of death. The party helped to hold the agent at bay while A’lu’shea performed a powerful ritual that converted her into a sentient tree which imprisoned the agent within it. The tree then cast a potent magic over the party, holding them in stasis in the tower.



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