Adventure 4 - Yesterday's Sacrifice - Synopsis and Experience

Your experience award for Adventure 4 is 3,665 bringing everyone’s total to 12,261 (ie 5th level).

At the beginning of the last chapter we found the party awakened after sleeping for two millennia in the Garden Tower of A’lu’shia. During their sleep A’lu’shia, an ancient Delvarin druidess from another age of the world, had, in tree form, watched over the party, whom she had put asleep after capturing a powerful agent of death that had been pursuing them. She had kept the partysafe from the evil she had taken into her own body, even as that evil corrupted and twisted the beautiful gardens she thought of as children. During that time that catacalysm that gave birth to the broken sands burned out as layer upon layer of lava, rock, dirt and ash covered a land that had once been lush and verdant.

A’lu’shia was in the last stages of a losing battle she had fought all those centuries. While she had kept her promise she made to a mysterious entity to keep the party safe until they could be returned to their own time, the evil she had contained was slowly claiming her. Fearing it would break free and knowing the time had come A’lu’shia awakend the party and bid them flee the tower. Before they left, she requested that the party take steps to undo the weaves that powered and anchored the tower itself, knowing that such action would destroy her and her now twisted children before the evil within her broke free. Sensing an elemental spirit within Cerulean, she asked her to open a path of earth, so that the hungry fire in the ground below might come up and consume the tower and all within it.

The task would prove difficult though, as the Children of A’lu’shia had, under the dark influence of the being within her, become a malevolent jungle bent on the party’s destruction. Opening the path in the earth meant Cerulean must reach the rocky mound in the center of the tower which was surrounded by a small lake, which was in turn, was surrounding by a small dense jungle. Taking decisive, if perhaps reckless action, Szolagar Tyr grabbed Cerulean and flu her over the jungle to the rocky hill. No sooner had they landed when plantlike creatures arose from the surrounding waters and assailed them. Divided the party was weakened and the others were hard beset to offer assistance though they fought valiantly to reach their companions. Despite the Orgus’s efforts to bombard the jungle with an endless stream of destructive power, the hopes for Szolagar and Cerulean faded. Aid did come at last, though it looked as though it was too late for Szolagar. He had fell in battle as the plant like creatures rained blow after crushing blow upon his body, while Cerulean lay unconscious and bleeding near him. It was Samek Sajai, who arrived at the final dark moments, with the healing power of his goddess, was able to turn the fight around, healing Cerulean and finding the final spark of life in Szolagar. This allowed Rilae’thee’a and Vad’in to pass A’lu’shia’s staff to Cerulean, a necessary key to open the path to fire. Concentrating with all her might Cerulean convinced the earth to hollow and the fire begin to enter the tower.

Knowing that time was short the party fled to the next level of the tower, at the behest of A’lu’shia, to free the water elemental that was the source of the towers water supply. The elemental turned out to be anchored to a sword at the bottom of a spring higher up in the tower. Rilae’thee’a swam into the spring and retrieved the sword, securing the water elementals life even as the fires below begin to rise. Taking ramps to the next level the party found the area that was A’lu’Shia’s personal chambers. This area was set on a series of mounds of earth that floated in the center of the tower. Fighting off a small swarm of flying carnivorous flowers and a corrupted sentient tree that sprouted odd plant like dargonkin, the party was able to secure a number of books and other belongings of A’lu’shia, before the floating island fell into the fires below. Traveling ever upward towards the top the party at last crept around a sleeping sand worm and escaped out a hole in the top of the tower only to find themselves once more on the floor of the Broken Sands. Stopping to catch their respective breaths the party took a moment to reflect on all that had happened, get their bearings and determine what to do next.

Assuming that A’lu’shia had returned them to approximately their own time seemed reasonable. Certainly everything looked once again as it had before they had been taken through time. The best course of action, if possible, seemed to be to locate the delegation they had been helping to escort to the Hoply Oasis of Zaradeen for the up coming peace talks between the Delvarin, the Hutarin, the Borren and the Zartharians. Having arrived at this decision and moving away from the now bubbling pool of magma, the party noticed they were not alone in the desert. A mounted group of unknown intent could be seen riding towards the party’s location.

A little more background…

The recent return of the Delvarin to their ancient homeland (the ruins of the city they had once known as A’zara’den’shar and now by mortals as the Sacred Ruins at Zaradeen) had the region teetering on the edge of all out warfare. Suviladora the 1st (once ascended) of the 3rd House of the Empress, Ambassador of the Najai had travelled (along with the High Priestess Saressa) to Tellan, the capital city, on a diplomatic mission to speak with the King Agathar and Queen Tharelia of Urdor. Along the way, by seeming happenstance, the Najai had joined with a similar delegation of Delvarin led by Lady Xaneel’uran Tuviel. Having completed the first stage of their missions the combined delgation was now travelling back South on the long journey to Zaradeen accompanied by a human delegation led by the Duchess Alayne of Hans and a dwarven delegation lead by Ambassador Gandin son of Grondin. The various embassies share a critical mission to try to secure peace in the area between the Delvarin and the 3 nomadic races that worship and share the Holy Oasis. While the caravan is well guarded, the fragility of the mission and the many dangers of crossing the Broken Sands, make any such journey perilous. The members of the party serve the various delegations in one way or another. They are also in the secondary employ of Lady Blade, the enigmatic leader of the Transport Recovery and Obtainment Guild (TROG) that operates across Urdor and much of the Broken Sands. The parties most recent task was to secure the delagations arrival at Zaradeen and then presumably recive additional instructions.



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