Adventure 5 - Trials at the Oasis - Synopsis and Experience

Everyone gets 4,477 for the last adventure putting your totals at 16,738.

Having emerged from the ruins of the Gardens of A’lu’shia, the party was set upon by a small band of goblins mounted on worgs (an unusual occurrence in this part of the Broken Sands). The goblins were quickly driven off by the party’s magi, in particular the Orgus, who hurled exploded balls of fire that substantially thinned the goblins ranks before they could really engage the party. With the goblins in full retreat to the South the group headed southwest. It was not long before a pillar of smoke was seen in the direction the goblins had fled. Remembering the diplomatic embassy the group was guarding prior to falling under the curse of Morridin, the group headed towards the smoke, hoping they would arrive in time to help the caravan. What they found however was a larger sortie of goblins and ogres encircled around a failing group of Borreen. Reasoning that helping the Borreen might help the cause of their people in the coming negotiations at Zaradeen, the party decided to attack the goblins. By ambushing the leader of the goblins and slaying his bodyguards the party was able to turn the tide of the battle, slaying many of the goblins and routing the rest. This won them the gratitude of the Racing Sands Tribe of the Borreen and the friendship of their Komar, Delat Andar Shurik.

Once again heading south, and with the Borreen now in tow, the group was able to catch up with the delegation and reintegrate themselves. Several weeks later the entire group arrived intact at Zaradeen, where the various factions immediately dispersed to their respective accommodations. Several days passed during which time the group met repeatedly. Zaradeen held some surprises. Samek saw a woman which he had been having vivid and unpleasant dreams about but was unable to get close to her. Likewise Rilae’thee’a saw the dancer from the court at Tellan, though she had not travelled with the caravan to the best of everyone’s knowledge. Again, before, Rilae’thee’a could get close the dancer seemed to vanish into the crowds. It also became apparent the Borreen were quietly conducting some secretive ceremony of pivotal importance to them. Curious, the party decided to observe the ceremony (held at midnight) from a discreet distance. It appeared that several Borreen were heading into the sacred ruins in some sort of ritual of combat. Among them was Komar Delat, the Borreen chieftain whom the party had befriended. Fearing some sort of interference from outsiders, such as herself, Cerulean slipped into the ruins to watch from a closer perspective. As she had expected, other forces were indeed at work. Even as Komar Delat closed with an opponent a cloaked form was creeping up behind him. Cerulean moved to intervene and found herself facing a Delvarin woman wielding strange sorceries and a powerful tainted weapon. A fierce melee ensued and Cerulean was badly injured before Komar Delat could slay his Borreen rival and join forces with Cerulean to drive the Delvarin woman off. Komar Delat thanked Cerulean and bid her leave the ruins while he went deeper in to complete his purpose.

Cerulean returned to the rest of the group, already headed towards the ruins. Hearing her tale the group resolved to head into the ruins and learn what they could. It was while they examined the battlefield that three monstrous creatures broke free of the earth nearby and, seemingly unaware of the group, moved deeper into the ruins in the direction Komar Delat had gone. The creatures looked like large floating spheres, covered in hard scales, dripping ooze and emanating a terrible smell. Each sphere had two large tentacles mounted on either side, a single cruel eyeball and an enormous mouth filled with fangs. As the party watched they moved in near silence deeper into the ruins.



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