Adventure 6 - Pathway to Loss - Experience & Synopsis

Everyone gets 1,888 experience for the last adventure bringing your totals to 18,626.

In the last adventure the group ventured into a small part of the Delvarin ruins buried under Zaradeen. This involved diverting a number of Dalketh Sphergs so the party could sneak past them into the dark entrance of the ruins. The ruse, while brief, enabled the party to enter the ruins ahead of the Dalketh, who quickly pursued.

The tunnel into the ruins dropped through a hole in the ceiling of a huge chamber. A huge circling ornate crystalline stairwell led 150 feet down to the center of the chamber, while at the top had presumably existed some other chamber that had caved in above. The group began descending the stairwell while the Dalketh dug a wider passage in order to pursue the party. It was only when the Dalketh burst into the room that the stairwell was revealed to be none other than a golem in the shape of a long sinuous and many clawed wyrm. The spines on the beasts back had made up the stairwell and the party was still on the spines when the beast animated to defend it’s lair from the Dalketh. Several members of the party fell crashing to the fungal floor of the room but the large mushrooms helped to reduce the impact.

A short fight ensued between the golem and the Dalketh, with the party lending support to the golem. It was for naught however as the Dalketh were more then a match for the construct. The resistant properties of the Dalketh defeated the magic of the party’s wizards, while Szolagar Tyr fell stunned from the sky, his blade lost in the fungus below. The party fled deeper into the ruins and were able to slow further passage to the Dalketh with the aid of a magically reinforced door.

In the lower portion of what was determined to be a sanctum for a wizard, the party located Komar Delat Andar Shurik, the unconscious Borreen leader the party had now saved three times. The Komar was asleep having drunk the waters of scrying. Exploring further the party found a number of magical apparatus (a bizarre mirror and a strange magic annihilation platform) and a number of doors leading to the private chambers of the wizard. In one room a woman seemed to be held in status.

After a great deal of experimentation and thought the party freed the woman, who turned out to be named Loss and who behaved in a strange manner. Then the group determined that the mirror had magical properties that allowed it to be used as a portal. Activating the mirror they stepped through and found themselves in an underground chamber. The chamber is very large and damp and seems to have been formed naturally if the stalagmites and stalagtites are any indication. In the center of the chamber is a large carved pedestal, almost a pillar, upon which rests a huge stone, almost shaped like an egg. It is roughly man-sized, slightly translucent, and has a long crack along the side of it. It pulses faintly with a slight light. In the darkness beyond the pedestal the cavern narrows into darkness.



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