Adventure 7 - Rising From the Depths - Experience & Synopsis

The Experience awarded for Game 7 was 3,150 bringing the totals up to 21,776.

Deep below the ruins of Zaradeen, the party, recently transported from a magical mirror in the buried tower above, confronted a chamber with a boulder sized stone pulsating slightly with a magical energy. Upon closer examination the party was attacked by a semi-transparent slime that seemed to have been feeding off the energy of the stone, probably drawn to the location by the disturbance in the ley lines there. The slime fed hungrily on the power of the spell casters in the party and the group’s victory was won with a narrow margin, leaving the casters exhausted and drained.

Rest however would remain an obscure goal as Dalketh were hot in pursuit. Cerullean easily lifted the magical stone, though its mass seemed greater then hers, and was able to return it to its original resting place in a nearby cavern. Cornered and exhausted, but not defenseless, the group handily fought off three attacking Terrorsphergs. Fearing the arrival of more sphergs the adventurers pressed on into darkness only to parley for passage with a number of voices in the next darkened chamber. The parley however turned out to be a ruse by the voices, which belonged to a large aquatic hydra. Having lured the party into surrendering some weapons and created a perfect ambush point in the waters at the bottom of the lake it inhabited (the party traveling by means of water breathing magics), the the hydra attacked. The beast was forced to flee but at great cost, for after the battle Samek, the party’s priest, lay dying of injuries, with the only other healing far distant. Swimming up for what seemed like forever the party broke surface of one of the 3 lakes surrounding the ruins of Zaradeen. Inexplicably the priest managed to survive, perhaps due to the intervention of his goddess. Unfortunately the lake was in the Zartharin territory. Immediately the party was challenged by Zartharin guards. Szolagar defeated the strongest in single combat to win passage for the party.



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