Adventure 8 - Storm's Edge -Experience & Synopsis

Experience for Adventure 8 was 2,707 bringing the total to 24,483.

In the last adventure the party was tasked by Lady Blade with protecting the Ambassador of Urdor during the Convocation at Zaradeen – a gathering of ambassadors from various nations and states across the Broken Sands to discuss the recent arrival of the Delvarin at the Holy Site. Underlying this mission Lady Blade also hoped the group might discover something about a mysterious force or forces exerting an affect over regional politics.

The convocation began benignly as each ambassador took a turn at expressing the views of their various factions. Subtle currents ran through the talks and for those that were watching, there was a sense that perhaps all was not as it should be. Certainly tensions ran high as the proponents and opponents of the continued Delvarin presense at Zaradeen made their arguements.

Outside the talks strange events began occurring. For one a steady wind of magical origins began to build from the Southwest. Also an airship from the Kingdom of Ares arrived and moored at the Oasis. Then there was the unsolved grizzly murder of Captain Harden (who led the security contingent assigned to the Urdorian ambassador) and the dissapearance of one of his Lieutenants. Finally a failed attempt was made on the life of the Najai High Priestess and all her attending priests were slain except Samek.

As the days of the talks wore on tensions seemed to rise. On the 4th day the Borreen, last of the desert tribes, were to speak. Until then it was clear that the Zartharin opposed the Delvarin presense and the Hutarin would support it. The position of the Borren would be decisive in the way subsequent events would play out. The Borreen ambassador dithered, clearly stalling for some reason. When Komar Delat arrived and revealed himself as the chosen leader of all the Borreen tribes, the reason for delay became apparent. Acting on visions of the future he had dreampt of (and perhaps based on the help he had received from the heroes who had saved his life 3 times), Delat cast the united support of the Borreen behind the Delvarin presense.

But the Borreen were not the only ones preparing for the future. What followed made it clear that plans long in preperation were coming to fruition. A Najai sorceress had been tasked throughout the Convocation with suppressing magical arcane effects in the tent to prevent users of the art from affecting the talks from afar. What was not known was that the sorceress had been replaced by a powerful dragon who had taken the guise of the Sorceress through magical means. When the Borreen revealed their position the dragon extended the anti-magic aura to suppress the power of the Delvarin representatives. Wielding an evil sword from the old world the dragon struck down the Delvarin Lord and would have slain the Delvarin Lady as well had the party not intervened to save her. Meanwhile hidden Zaris assassins had also made their way into the tent under diplomatic disguises. Joining forces with the Zartharin representatives and led by the nefarious Lord Vazzin the minions of Az seemed intent on eliminating all the forces who opposed them. The heroes played a significant role in saving the lives of numerous diplomats and holding the forces of Az at bay while the Borreen forces cut their way into the tent to provide a more enduring front. Szolagar’s sword was also revealed as an ancient magical blade from the past and he used it to disarm the dragon, reducing the threat from her sword and forcing her to fight at a distance. While Cerrulean escorted the human ambassador to safety and Szolagar went on to face off with Lord Vazzin, Rilae’thee’a grabbed the accursed blade and led the dragon away on a short chase. The Orgus and Samek used their magic to help scatter the enemey groups that were seeking to form a wedge to fight off the Borreen surging into the tent, helping to prevent the forces of Az from overwhelming the defenders.

Outside the diplomatic tent a flying fortress in the shape of a small pyramid arrived on the now stormlike magical winds and disgorged a flying army of Zaris, even as the Zartharin camp revealed itself to be bristling with soldiers. The Borreen, forewarned by Delat’s vision, had also massed in response, but the Hutarin forces, taken by surprise, were sorely beset by the assault from the skies. Fortunes turned mid-battle however as a the winds stopped and reversed. A magical detonation on a massive scale temporarily disrupted all magic across the Holy Oasis and in that moment the floating pyramid lost its capacity for flight. Before it could recover it slammed into the Hutarin encampment, slaying thousands on both sides instantly. A fierce battle ensued as armies sought to form-up in the chaos. It was the growing dust storm that carried the day as the Defenders of Zaradeen retreated into the ruins. The surviving forces of Az, having no shelter, dissapeared into the wind and sand. While the battle for the moment has ended in a sea of dust there can be little doubt that the peace of Zaradeen has been shattered. The self proclaimed God Emperror Az has thrown down the gauntlet of war and the peace talks have become a war camp for all who would ally themselves against him.


The adventure 8 synopsis was very exciting. I got a thrill reading it. Nice job. Looking forward to the next.


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