Lady Blade

Guildmaster of TROG


The somewhat mysterious Lady Blade is Guildmaster and Founder of the Transport Recovery and Obtainment Guild (TROG). She has a reputation for subtlety and a history of coming out on top in any engagement. She is widely known as a critic and political enemy to Queen Tharelia. Rumors about her indicate that she may have been a former companion (perhaps lover to King Agathor) who was spurned in favor of the political marriage to the Queen. Lady Blade is thought to have been born a commoner and ascended to the ranks of nobility when she was promoted by the King. While some in the nobility look down their noses at her, none can deny that under her leadership TROG has become a powerful force in the Kingdom.

Lady Blade is a medium sized woman of athletic build. While away from the court she is typically clothed in dark functional leathers. At any time a variety of sheathed blades can be seen on various parts of her clothing. These range from her favorite sword to a host of knives, daggers and other bladed weapons. Lady Blade is rumored to be a Blade Master of high rank and her accuracy with throwing knives is well known within TROG. Lady Blade has long black hair typically tied back in a single braid behind her. Her noble’s mask depicts some dark hunting cat from Evermist.

Lady Blade

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