Adventure 9 - The Shadow of Dragons - Experience & Synopsis

Experience for the last game is 4,490 bringing the total to 28,973 and level to 8th.

Last month the party found itself departing from the Holy Oasis aboard an Aren flying ship bound for the Najai Empire. Their latest task was to escort and protect the Najai High Priestess Saressa on the last leg of her diplomatic journey. The first week or so of the voyage went peacefully though the crew toiled with limited success to make progress against the high winds produced when the Stormwall was breached. Somewhat off course and drawing close to the Azzian Empire the crew discovered the corpse of an enormous dragon lying upon the sands of the desert. The wyrm appeared to have been on the losing side of a powerful struggle with another creature of similar magnitude. Before the Aren could harvest the body of valuable parts however a contingent of Azzian troops descended from the skies and laid claim to it. Seeing the futility of contesting the prize and mindful of protecting his passengers the Aren Captain took his ship back to the skies with the party safely hidden in the hold. This however would not be the party’s only encounter with dragons…

Several nights later the ship, still in mid-flight, was ambushed by the dragon they had faced briefly in Zaradeen. Making several passes the dragon was able to begin crippling the sky ship with her fiery breath. The party valiantly stood against her as she flew by – raining ballistae bolts, magic and the occasional blow from a sword upon her. At one point the dragon (in humanoid form) seemed eager to engage Rilae’thee’a in single combat high on the spars of the ship, presumably to feed Rilae’thee’a to her soul consuming sword. Fortunately Cerulean was able to intervene and drive the dragon off the beam they were all standing on before the dragon landed a soul consuming blow on Rilae’thee’a. But the assault on the ship continued. While the Orgus and Samek did their best to preserve the lives of the crew it was only a matter of time before the airship was so damaged that a crash was inevitable. Seeing that her mission was largely completed, and after nearly being slain by Szolagar’s dragon-baned sword, the wyrm retreated to lick her wounds. The airship meanwhile was saved from destruction when Cerulean and Vad’in coordinated efforts to use the remaining crystal station’s lift to soften the ship’s landing. Samek was then able to channel the restorative power of his goddess to greatly speed repairs on the damaged vehicle. Thanks to the actions of the party the return of the High Priestess was only slowed slightly, not impaired or halted permanently.

Several days later and without further complications the airship arrived at the High Temple of Najara. There the party bid farewell to the Aren crew and was granted rooms in the High Temple. During that time Samek determined that the horrible temple in his recurring dream was likely the former High Temple of Najara, which had been largely abandoned some 500 years before. The temple, located a weeks journey to the South, near the Azzian border, had been manned by a skeleton crew of acolytes of Najara in the past. Samek, tired of reacting to the attacks of the enemy, resolved to move proactively to determine what had happened to the temple and the acolytes. After enlisting the aid of the party and with the help of a ranger hired by the High Priestess, Samek led the group south towards the temple. As the group progressed along the delta, stopping at several villages along the way, it became clear that something was amiss. A strange and highly addictive liquor called Kellik showed up with increasing frequency as the party progressed through the villages. Vad’in learned firsthand how addictive it could be when he tasted a small amount at the first village. Samek was able to remove the addiction by channeling Najara’s blessings but only with great effort and much sickness on the part of Vad’in. While the full implications of the Kellik addiction are not yet known, the ramifications on the subsequent two towns were pronounced, with the second town showing a near universal addiction from the liquor and the last town being fully abandoned. It was while exploring that third town that the party was attacked by a strange rune covered and physically altered pack of bestial hounds. Aided greatly by the illusionary magic of the Orgus, the party was able to frighten off the pack, with little injury but not without being disturbed by the unnatural and corrupted nature of the hounds. As darkness falls the ranger confirms the party is only a day or so away from the former high temple and if the prior weeks travel is any indication, the danger will only grow with each step forward.

Adventure 8 - Storm's Edge -Experience & Synopsis

Experience for Adventure 8 was 2,707 bringing the total to 24,483.

In the last adventure the party was tasked by Lady Blade with protecting the Ambassador of Urdor during the Convocation at Zaradeen – a gathering of ambassadors from various nations and states across the Broken Sands to discuss the recent arrival of the Delvarin at the Holy Site. Underlying this mission Lady Blade also hoped the group might discover something about a mysterious force or forces exerting an affect over regional politics.

The convocation began benignly as each ambassador took a turn at expressing the views of their various factions. Subtle currents ran through the talks and for those that were watching, there was a sense that perhaps all was not as it should be. Certainly tensions ran high as the proponents and opponents of the continued Delvarin presense at Zaradeen made their arguements.

Outside the talks strange events began occurring. For one a steady wind of magical origins began to build from the Southwest. Also an airship from the Kingdom of Ares arrived and moored at the Oasis. Then there was the unsolved grizzly murder of Captain Harden (who led the security contingent assigned to the Urdorian ambassador) and the dissapearance of one of his Lieutenants. Finally a failed attempt was made on the life of the Najai High Priestess and all her attending priests were slain except Samek.

As the days of the talks wore on tensions seemed to rise. On the 4th day the Borreen, last of the desert tribes, were to speak. Until then it was clear that the Zartharin opposed the Delvarin presense and the Hutarin would support it. The position of the Borren would be decisive in the way subsequent events would play out. The Borreen ambassador dithered, clearly stalling for some reason. When Komar Delat arrived and revealed himself as the chosen leader of all the Borreen tribes, the reason for delay became apparent. Acting on visions of the future he had dreampt of (and perhaps based on the help he had received from the heroes who had saved his life 3 times), Delat cast the united support of the Borreen behind the Delvarin presense.

But the Borreen were not the only ones preparing for the future. What followed made it clear that plans long in preperation were coming to fruition. A Najai sorceress had been tasked throughout the Convocation with suppressing magical arcane effects in the tent to prevent users of the art from affecting the talks from afar. What was not known was that the sorceress had been replaced by a powerful dragon who had taken the guise of the Sorceress through magical means. When the Borreen revealed their position the dragon extended the anti-magic aura to suppress the power of the Delvarin representatives. Wielding an evil sword from the old world the dragon struck down the Delvarin Lord and would have slain the Delvarin Lady as well had the party not intervened to save her. Meanwhile hidden Zaris assassins had also made their way into the tent under diplomatic disguises. Joining forces with the Zartharin representatives and led by the nefarious Lord Vazzin the minions of Az seemed intent on eliminating all the forces who opposed them. The heroes played a significant role in saving the lives of numerous diplomats and holding the forces of Az at bay while the Borreen forces cut their way into the tent to provide a more enduring front. Szolagar’s sword was also revealed as an ancient magical blade from the past and he used it to disarm the dragon, reducing the threat from her sword and forcing her to fight at a distance. While Cerrulean escorted the human ambassador to safety and Szolagar went on to face off with Lord Vazzin, Rilae’thee’a grabbed the accursed blade and led the dragon away on a short chase. The Orgus and Samek used their magic to help scatter the enemey groups that were seeking to form a wedge to fight off the Borreen surging into the tent, helping to prevent the forces of Az from overwhelming the defenders.

Outside the diplomatic tent a flying fortress in the shape of a small pyramid arrived on the now stormlike magical winds and disgorged a flying army of Zaris, even as the Zartharin camp revealed itself to be bristling with soldiers. The Borreen, forewarned by Delat’s vision, had also massed in response, but the Hutarin forces, taken by surprise, were sorely beset by the assault from the skies. Fortunes turned mid-battle however as a the winds stopped and reversed. A magical detonation on a massive scale temporarily disrupted all magic across the Holy Oasis and in that moment the floating pyramid lost its capacity for flight. Before it could recover it slammed into the Hutarin encampment, slaying thousands on both sides instantly. A fierce battle ensued as armies sought to form-up in the chaos. It was the growing dust storm that carried the day as the Defenders of Zaradeen retreated into the ruins. The surviving forces of Az, having no shelter, dissapeared into the wind and sand. While the battle for the moment has ended in a sea of dust there can be little doubt that the peace of Zaradeen has been shattered. The self proclaimed God Emperror Az has thrown down the gauntlet of war and the peace talks have become a war camp for all who would ally themselves against him.

Adventure 7 - Rising From the Depths - Experience & Synopsis

The Experience awarded for Game 7 was 3,150 bringing the totals up to 21,776.

Deep below the ruins of Zaradeen, the party, recently transported from a magical mirror in the buried tower above, confronted a chamber with a boulder sized stone pulsating slightly with a magical energy. Upon closer examination the party was attacked by a semi-transparent slime that seemed to have been feeding off the energy of the stone, probably drawn to the location by the disturbance in the ley lines there. The slime fed hungrily on the power of the spell casters in the party and the group’s victory was won with a narrow margin, leaving the casters exhausted and drained.

Rest however would remain an obscure goal as Dalketh were hot in pursuit. Cerullean easily lifted the magical stone, though its mass seemed greater then hers, and was able to return it to its original resting place in a nearby cavern. Cornered and exhausted, but not defenseless, the group handily fought off three attacking Terrorsphergs. Fearing the arrival of more sphergs the adventurers pressed on into darkness only to parley for passage with a number of voices in the next darkened chamber. The parley however turned out to be a ruse by the voices, which belonged to a large aquatic hydra. Having lured the party into surrendering some weapons and created a perfect ambush point in the waters at the bottom of the lake it inhabited (the party traveling by means of water breathing magics), the the hydra attacked. The beast was forced to flee but at great cost, for after the battle Samek, the party’s priest, lay dying of injuries, with the only other healing far distant. Swimming up for what seemed like forever the party broke surface of one of the 3 lakes surrounding the ruins of Zaradeen. Inexplicably the priest managed to survive, perhaps due to the intervention of his goddess. Unfortunately the lake was in the Zartharin territory. Immediately the party was challenged by Zartharin guards. Szolagar defeated the strongest in single combat to win passage for the party.

Adventure 6 - Pathway to Loss - Experience & Synopsis

Everyone gets 1,888 experience for the last adventure bringing your totals to 18,626.

In the last adventure the group ventured into a small part of the Delvarin ruins buried under Zaradeen. This involved diverting a number of Dalketh Sphergs so the party could sneak past them into the dark entrance of the ruins. The ruse, while brief, enabled the party to enter the ruins ahead of the Dalketh, who quickly pursued.

The tunnel into the ruins dropped through a hole in the ceiling of a huge chamber. A huge circling ornate crystalline stairwell led 150 feet down to the center of the chamber, while at the top had presumably existed some other chamber that had caved in above. The group began descending the stairwell while the Dalketh dug a wider passage in order to pursue the party. It was only when the Dalketh burst into the room that the stairwell was revealed to be none other than a golem in the shape of a long sinuous and many clawed wyrm. The spines on the beasts back had made up the stairwell and the party was still on the spines when the beast animated to defend it’s lair from the Dalketh. Several members of the party fell crashing to the fungal floor of the room but the large mushrooms helped to reduce the impact.

A short fight ensued between the golem and the Dalketh, with the party lending support to the golem. It was for naught however as the Dalketh were more then a match for the construct. The resistant properties of the Dalketh defeated the magic of the party’s wizards, while Szolagar Tyr fell stunned from the sky, his blade lost in the fungus below. The party fled deeper into the ruins and were able to slow further passage to the Dalketh with the aid of a magically reinforced door.

In the lower portion of what was determined to be a sanctum for a wizard, the party located Komar Delat Andar Shurik, the unconscious Borreen leader the party had now saved three times. The Komar was asleep having drunk the waters of scrying. Exploring further the party found a number of magical apparatus (a bizarre mirror and a strange magic annihilation platform) and a number of doors leading to the private chambers of the wizard. In one room a woman seemed to be held in status.

After a great deal of experimentation and thought the party freed the woman, who turned out to be named Loss and who behaved in a strange manner. Then the group determined that the mirror had magical properties that allowed it to be used as a portal. Activating the mirror they stepped through and found themselves in an underground chamber. The chamber is very large and damp and seems to have been formed naturally if the stalagmites and stalagtites are any indication. In the center of the chamber is a large carved pedestal, almost a pillar, upon which rests a huge stone, almost shaped like an egg. It is roughly man-sized, slightly translucent, and has a long crack along the side of it. It pulses faintly with a slight light. In the darkness beyond the pedestal the cavern narrows into darkness.

Adventure 5 - Trials at the Oasis - Synopsis and Experience

Everyone gets 4,477 for the last adventure putting your totals at 16,738.

Having emerged from the ruins of the Gardens of A’lu’shia, the party was set upon by a small band of goblins mounted on worgs (an unusual occurrence in this part of the Broken Sands). The goblins were quickly driven off by the party’s magi, in particular the Orgus, who hurled exploded balls of fire that substantially thinned the goblins ranks before they could really engage the party. With the goblins in full retreat to the South the group headed southwest. It was not long before a pillar of smoke was seen in the direction the goblins had fled. Remembering the diplomatic embassy the group was guarding prior to falling under the curse of Morridin, the group headed towards the smoke, hoping they would arrive in time to help the caravan. What they found however was a larger sortie of goblins and ogres encircled around a failing group of Borreen. Reasoning that helping the Borreen might help the cause of their people in the coming negotiations at Zaradeen, the party decided to attack the goblins. By ambushing the leader of the goblins and slaying his bodyguards the party was able to turn the tide of the battle, slaying many of the goblins and routing the rest. This won them the gratitude of the Racing Sands Tribe of the Borreen and the friendship of their Komar, Delat Andar Shurik.

Once again heading south, and with the Borreen now in tow, the group was able to catch up with the delegation and reintegrate themselves. Several weeks later the entire group arrived intact at Zaradeen, where the various factions immediately dispersed to their respective accommodations. Several days passed during which time the group met repeatedly. Zaradeen held some surprises. Samek saw a woman which he had been having vivid and unpleasant dreams about but was unable to get close to her. Likewise Rilae’thee’a saw the dancer from the court at Tellan, though she had not travelled with the caravan to the best of everyone’s knowledge. Again, before, Rilae’thee’a could get close the dancer seemed to vanish into the crowds. It also became apparent the Borreen were quietly conducting some secretive ceremony of pivotal importance to them. Curious, the party decided to observe the ceremony (held at midnight) from a discreet distance. It appeared that several Borreen were heading into the sacred ruins in some sort of ritual of combat. Among them was Komar Delat, the Borreen chieftain whom the party had befriended. Fearing some sort of interference from outsiders, such as herself, Cerulean slipped into the ruins to watch from a closer perspective. As she had expected, other forces were indeed at work. Even as Komar Delat closed with an opponent a cloaked form was creeping up behind him. Cerulean moved to intervene and found herself facing a Delvarin woman wielding strange sorceries and a powerful tainted weapon. A fierce melee ensued and Cerulean was badly injured before Komar Delat could slay his Borreen rival and join forces with Cerulean to drive the Delvarin woman off. Komar Delat thanked Cerulean and bid her leave the ruins while he went deeper in to complete his purpose.

Cerulean returned to the rest of the group, already headed towards the ruins. Hearing her tale the group resolved to head into the ruins and learn what they could. It was while they examined the battlefield that three monstrous creatures broke free of the earth nearby and, seemingly unaware of the group, moved deeper into the ruins in the direction Komar Delat had gone. The creatures looked like large floating spheres, covered in hard scales, dripping ooze and emanating a terrible smell. Each sphere had two large tentacles mounted on either side, a single cruel eyeball and an enormous mouth filled with fangs. As the party watched they moved in near silence deeper into the ruins.

Adventure 4 - Yesterday's Sacrifice - Synopsis and Experience

Your experience award for Adventure 4 is 3,665 bringing everyone’s total to 12,261 (ie 5th level).

At the beginning of the last chapter we found the party awakened after sleeping for two millennia in the Garden Tower of A’lu’shia. During their sleep A’lu’shia, an ancient Delvarin druidess from another age of the world, had, in tree form, watched over the party, whom she had put asleep after capturing a powerful agent of death that had been pursuing them. She had kept the partysafe from the evil she had taken into her own body, even as that evil corrupted and twisted the beautiful gardens she thought of as children. During that time that catacalysm that gave birth to the broken sands burned out as layer upon layer of lava, rock, dirt and ash covered a land that had once been lush and verdant.

A’lu’shia was in the last stages of a losing battle she had fought all those centuries. While she had kept her promise she made to a mysterious entity to keep the party safe until they could be returned to their own time, the evil she had contained was slowly claiming her. Fearing it would break free and knowing the time had come A’lu’shia awakend the party and bid them flee the tower. Before they left, she requested that the party take steps to undo the weaves that powered and anchored the tower itself, knowing that such action would destroy her and her now twisted children before the evil within her broke free. Sensing an elemental spirit within Cerulean, she asked her to open a path of earth, so that the hungry fire in the ground below might come up and consume the tower and all within it.

The task would prove difficult though, as the Children of A’lu’shia had, under the dark influence of the being within her, become a malevolent jungle bent on the party’s destruction. Opening the path in the earth meant Cerulean must reach the rocky mound in the center of the tower which was surrounded by a small lake, which was in turn, was surrounding by a small dense jungle. Taking decisive, if perhaps reckless action, Szolagar Tyr grabbed Cerulean and flu her over the jungle to the rocky hill. No sooner had they landed when plantlike creatures arose from the surrounding waters and assailed them. Divided the party was weakened and the others were hard beset to offer assistance though they fought valiantly to reach their companions. Despite the Orgus’s efforts to bombard the jungle with an endless stream of destructive power, the hopes for Szolagar and Cerulean faded. Aid did come at last, though it looked as though it was too late for Szolagar. He had fell in battle as the plant like creatures rained blow after crushing blow upon his body, while Cerulean lay unconscious and bleeding near him. It was Samek Sajai, who arrived at the final dark moments, with the healing power of his goddess, was able to turn the fight around, healing Cerulean and finding the final spark of life in Szolagar. This allowed Rilae’thee’a and Vad’in to pass A’lu’shia’s staff to Cerulean, a necessary key to open the path to fire. Concentrating with all her might Cerulean convinced the earth to hollow and the fire begin to enter the tower.

Knowing that time was short the party fled to the next level of the tower, at the behest of A’lu’shia, to free the water elemental that was the source of the towers water supply. The elemental turned out to be anchored to a sword at the bottom of a spring higher up in the tower. Rilae’thee’a swam into the spring and retrieved the sword, securing the water elementals life even as the fires below begin to rise. Taking ramps to the next level the party found the area that was A’lu’Shia’s personal chambers. This area was set on a series of mounds of earth that floated in the center of the tower. Fighting off a small swarm of flying carnivorous flowers and a corrupted sentient tree that sprouted odd plant like dargonkin, the party was able to secure a number of books and other belongings of A’lu’shia, before the floating island fell into the fires below. Traveling ever upward towards the top the party at last crept around a sleeping sand worm and escaped out a hole in the top of the tower only to find themselves once more on the floor of the Broken Sands. Stopping to catch their respective breaths the party took a moment to reflect on all that had happened, get their bearings and determine what to do next.

Assuming that A’lu’shia had returned them to approximately their own time seemed reasonable. Certainly everything looked once again as it had before they had been taken through time. The best course of action, if possible, seemed to be to locate the delegation they had been helping to escort to the Hoply Oasis of Zaradeen for the up coming peace talks between the Delvarin, the Hutarin, the Borren and the Zartharians. Having arrived at this decision and moving away from the now bubbling pool of magma, the party noticed they were not alone in the desert. A mounted group of unknown intent could be seen riding towards the party’s location.

A little more background…

The recent return of the Delvarin to their ancient homeland (the ruins of the city they had once known as A’zara’den’shar and now by mortals as the Sacred Ruins at Zaradeen) had the region teetering on the edge of all out warfare. Suviladora the 1st (once ascended) of the 3rd House of the Empress, Ambassador of the Najai had travelled (along with the High Priestess Saressa) to Tellan, the capital city, on a diplomatic mission to speak with the King Agathar and Queen Tharelia of Urdor. Along the way, by seeming happenstance, the Najai had joined with a similar delegation of Delvarin led by Lady Xaneel’uran Tuviel. Having completed the first stage of their missions the combined delgation was now travelling back South on the long journey to Zaradeen accompanied by a human delegation led by the Duchess Alayne of Hans and a dwarven delegation lead by Ambassador Gandin son of Grondin. The various embassies share a critical mission to try to secure peace in the area between the Delvarin and the 3 nomadic races that worship and share the Holy Oasis. While the caravan is well guarded, the fragility of the mission and the many dangers of crossing the Broken Sands, make any such journey perilous. The members of the party serve the various delegations in one way or another. They are also in the secondary employ of Lady Blade, the enigmatic leader of the Transport Recovery and Obtainment Guild (TROG) that operates across Urdor and much of the Broken Sands. The parties most recent task was to secure the delagations arrival at Zaradeen and then presumably recive additional instructions.

Adventure 3 - Onward to the Past - Synopsis and Experience

Experience for adventure dated 11/7/08 is 4,345. Everyone should have 8,596 total and now be 4th level.

Events of the last adventure:

The party returned to the Temple of Death in Tellan and defeated the high priest and his undead minions. As he died the High Priest swore he would live again and cursed the party.

The party subsequently began the journey to the diplomatic gathering in Zaradeen (both to pursue their own individual agendas and at the behest of Lady Blade) and enroute was transported back in time to the 2nd age of the world before the Broken Sands came into being. The party was pursued by an agent of death and fled to a tower that later was revealed to be the Gardens of one A’lu’shea, a powerful Delvarin druid of that time. For reasons that were not totally revealed A’lu’shea agreed to help save the party from the agent of death. The party helped to hold the agent at bay while A’lu’shea performed a powerful ritual that converted her into a sentient tree which imprisoned the agent within it. The tree then cast a potent magic over the party, holding them in stasis in the tower.

Adventure 2 - Shadows in the Capital - Experience

I calculated your experience for adventure 2. The amount is 2,601 exp each.

Adventure 1 - A Meeting of Minds - Experience

I have calculated experience and the number each of you receives is: 1,650.


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