Dark Lord

The Dark Lord is a legendary figure of evil across the world of Eurthasia. The wise tell that he was once a Sylvarin Lord of immense power and wisdom, whose battle prowess and mastery of magic was unsurpassed. During the second age of the world he led the Sylvarin as they battled alongside the Gods of Light against the Darkness. His heroism from that age only made his fall more tragic but there can be little doubt that being at the forefront of that conflict played a pivotal role in his descent into darkness. Some among the Ilar feel that it was the withdrawl of the Gods of Light and the Severing that finally drove him to contemplate evil.

After the Severing the being who would become the Dark Lord began leading his people down a new path, one that would ultimately split the Sylvarin nation in the only civil war in Tirellian history. The war was long and bitter. At the end both sides were very depleted and an accord was reached where the two factions would go their seperate ways. Those who followed the Dark Lord foreswore the teachings of the Gods of Light and embraced the Dark Lord as their only master. What became known later was that he had acquired the Essay’d Sul, an ancient artifact that is attributed to be the source of much of the evil in Eurthasia. The corruptive power of the stone is a legend in its own right. Its taint permeated the Dark Lord and those who followed him, greatly enhancing their might and changing them forever into the fell beings known commonly as demons. While the Sylvarin who broke with the Dark Lord diminished and fractured as a result of the Severing the Dark Lord’s followers flourished and grew strong on the continent of Nexar.

As the Selar emerged and grew into power, the Dark Lord, whose forces had grown powerful beyond peer, made war upon them. Using the Essay’d Sul he twisted some mortal races to create what we now call orcs, goblins and others to be his leeser troops in these new conflicts. At his command war waged across the face of Eurthasia during the Third Age in a shadowy reflection of the age before. The darkness of those days is recounted across the world over by bards and cannot be contained here but to say that the fate of the world hung in the balance and the absolute victory of the Dark Lord was held back only with great sacrifice of blood, sinew and soul.

It was the descendents of Ilar and Selar that managed to unite the disparate mortal factions of Eurthasia, while rousing the immortal races from their apathy to stand together against the Dark Lord. Illuminaria of the Sun and Pelantiria of the Deep, great empires in their own right, joined forces and united the free world against the Dark Lord, driving his hosts back to Nexar (then renamed Darkhaven). Unable to destroy the Dark Lord and his minions in their homeland, the most potent magics of that age were combined to create the legendary Stormwall and bind the Dark Lord and all his minions behind it forever.

Dark Lord

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