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One of the six immortal races that make up the Ilar.

One of four sub-types of the Tirellian (Elves).

The Delvarin are the dark cousins of the Sylvarin. They are similar to the Sylvarin in many ways though they differ in habitat, and in minor philosophical ways. Delvarin have deep brown skin and dark hair that is commonly black, brown, gray, or more rarely midnight blue or deep purple. Their build, eyes and ears are like their Sylvarin cousins. They live deep under the earth in what is known as the Underdark. There they build and maintain great magical cities. They interact with surface races even more seldomly then the Sylvarin. However they maintain closer contact with other subterranean people such as the Dwarves and Orgus. The Delvarin are even more widely suspected of evil then the Sylvarin are by those who do not know them. Indeed, they are often held responsible for much of the evil in the world by the surface Selar.

Delvarin are are immortal and immune to disease and sickness. Delvarin are slight and tall with fine features, pointed ears and almond eyes. Their skin ranges from light to dark brown and their hair is typically dark brown, grey or black. Delvarin have little body hair. They move with effortless grace and little noise.

All Delvarin feel a strong affinity for nature and the Art (magic) which the Delvarin describe in musical terms. Their immortal approach to things often gives them an alien perspective and they see the Selar as abrupt and reactionary. Delvarin delight in objects of beauty, particularly natural ones. They are skilled artisans but unlike Dwarves they tend to forget the purpose of an item in favor of its appearance. Creativity is always favored by Delvarin and destruction is abhorred. Delvarin are ever wary of befalling the fate of their cousins the Sylvarin (a large portion of whom fell into corruption ages ago and became twisted and evil) and are always vigilant about not becoming what they hate.

The Delvarin fled to the Underdark eons ago in the Second Age of Faerie when the world was still young, having been driven from the grasslands during the Second Demon War. It is only in recent times that they have again come to the surface, now driven by a new terrible foe they name the Kil’anth (Dalketh). Well aware of the history, the younger generations of Delvarin grow tired of the cautious words of their elders and long to make a stand. Delvarin are loosely ruled by certain individuals they name Lords and Ladies. These individuals tend to ascend to their status by virtue of seniority and displays of wisdom.


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