Groups of Eurthasia

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What follows are a few, but by no means a complete listing, of the guilds, organizations and groups that can be found in Eurthasia. Where membership is specific to race, gender, nation or land mass it is noted after the title.

Air Weavers

Archers of Sylvar

Axethanes of Khaz

Bards of Noone Sol

The Black Wind


The Brotherhood of Conjuration – Male


Cult of Vashara – Najai

Dancers of Tan’del’lar – Ilar

Dark Guides – Delvarin

Darts of the Boreen

Disciples of the Verse

Dream Weavers – Ilar

Druids of Eld

Fire Weavers

Fists of Damurung

Guild of Shadow

Knights of Dawn

Knights of Illuminaria

Knights of the Deep – Delvarin

Lae’sil’tour – Female

Loremasters of Dazrog

Mages of Eldar – Ilar

Maji of Urdor

Masters of Deceit

Mattocks of Tareg

Mercenaries of Kith

Night Blades

Night Hunters

Order of the Hawk

Order of Illumination

Order of Steel

Pirates of the Eagean

Priesthood of Najara – Najai

Rangers of Illuminar

Riders of Thornim

Rune Weavers

Sea Roamers

Sea Wizards


Shadow Walkers – mostly Ilar

Song Weavers

Steel of Dazrog

Steelcrosses of the Underdark – Delvarin

Stone Readers – Delvarin

Stone Weavers

Swords of Pelantir

Sword Weavers

The Undying Guild

Walkers of the Sylvar

Warlocks of the Fall

Water Weavers

Wind Hunter

Wingriders of Illiam

Witches of Eldritch

Wizards of Abyssia

Wolf Runners

Groups of Eurthasia

Eurthasia Eurthasia