Religion in Eurthasia

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Religion in Eurthasia

Many gods look down from the heavens upon the world of Eurthasia. Hundreds of faiths around the world worship some or all of these gods. They are known by many different names/aspects but each has one Realm of Influence they rule over. Followers of a given god are said to be on the Path to that Realm. Thus a follower of Valar might say she walks “The Path of Courage” if someone asked her the nature of her faith.

Deities in Eurthasia do not in general manifest directly. Rather they work through their followers and priesthoods to encourage others to walk the path to their realm. The faithful of a God may also be used to accomplish other objectives within Eurthasia, not the least of which is opposing other Gods.

Gods channel their powers through the most devout of their followers. For this to happen a person must be carefully attuned to the will of their God. This facilitates tapping into the energies of the God’s Sphere via the Path. This channeling is an exercise of Will requiring both an openness, intent and single-mindedness that can be difficult to obtain. Priests and other holy(unholy) professions spend long hours in meditative prayer learning to call upon this state at a moment’s notice.

Religion is at all times a pronounced force in Eurthasia. The most significant differences between the faiths can be found in the differences between the Ilar and the Selar.

Religion Among the Ilar

Religion Among the Selar

Religion in Eurthasia

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