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Objects of the Verse
Of Spheres, Planes and Realms

The Spheres

All that is lies within the Ether. That which isn’t lies in the Nether. Within the Ether can be found many places, many worlds, many spheres. Some are like Eurthasia, some are completely alien and strange. Some worlds, perhaps all worlds, can theoretically be touched through the use of magic. I say in theory because in practice only those spheres closest to the Prime Eurthasian Sphere are accessed by Eurthasia’s inhabitants in a routine way. Some believe that the first Ilar migrated to Eurthasia from a more remote world and that they may know the secrets of crossing the sea of stars that makes up the Ether. If so they have kept this knowledge to themselves. Some have postulated that the Dalketh may also be crossing over from some distant sphere while others believe this is insufficient to explain the extreme alien nature of the Dalketh. But I digress into speculation.

Eight spheres are principals in that portion of the Ether we are familiar with and it is no mistake that these coincide with the eight elements that are known to be employed by the most powerful mages. The Sphere of Earth makes up the ground we walk upon, though for those of us on the surface the Sphere of Air is equally our home. We exist on the joining point that makes up the edge of both spheres. Across the vast but transparent Sphere of Air can be seen two other spheres, that the common man believes floats across the sky. The Sun and Moon, as they are commonly referred to, are the Spheres of Fire and Water respectively, although with a caveat, as follows. The four spheres that have been discussed are widely referred to among weavers of the art as the inner elements. But what of the more rarely discussed outer elements? Where are the Sphere’s of Light, Stasis, Time and Darkness? The wise have long pondered these questions but in this enlightened time we think have some answers. The Sphere of Light we think lies directly behind the Sphere of Fire, thus the light of the sun does not mostly come from that fiery ball of fire at all but rather from the greater but more distant sphere behind it. The Sphere of Stasis is thought to lie on the other side of the Sphere of Earth, thus forever outside of our visual range. The Sphere of Darkness can be seen in the night sky by those who know where to look for it but it is only seen as roundish region of the sky devoid of stars. The Sphere of Temporality is even harder to find. As should be obvious these spheres are all in motion (except perhaps the Sphere of Stasis) though the distances between them are fairly constant (I say fairly because it is clear that the Spheres of Fire and Water, “The Sun and Moon” clearly can be seen to draw closer and move farther away at various times which is why they may appear larger or smaller to the untrained eye). The Sphere of Temporality is also in motion as one would expect but it’s motion is so fast that it is impossible for the naked eye to detect it.

The Planes

There are two planes known to the wise; the Waking World and the World of Dreams. Some speculate there may be many more (believing that the Dream World may reflect infinite variations on the real world) while the Ilar state that in the distant past there was but one plane. Unlike the Spheres which occupy their own individual spaces in the Ether the Planes simultaneously occupy the same space and some refer to them as different dimensions of the same space, by which they imply that the two planes are the same but are merely perceived as being separate. I can only shake my head at these musings of my colleagues and wonder at the value of such explanations. Needless to say the two planes do appear to be closely related as anyone who has dreamt themselves into the far world will note many familiar objects and personages.

The Realms

Of course no discussion of the Celestial make-up would be complete without mentioning the Divine Realms. As is discussed more thoroughly in religious scripture each deity maintains his or her own Divine Realm as a kind of vast estate for themselves and their followers who were never denizens of Eurthasia or who have left this mortal world and were deemed worthy of ascension. These realms are of course aspected to their divine masters. Their physical locations are not known though some among the wise speculate they compose an outer ring of Spheres beyond those discussed above. Certainly, wherever they are, they are farther away than the Eight. They may be outside of The Waking World as an elven friend once told me. Just like the Gods to be obscure.

I, Handorian, Scholar of the University of Bellarian, wrote this.


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