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In the first age Eurthasia was born from the Ether. And from the Ether came the Gods of Light and their servants to shape the world into the form that exists today. This was the Age of Creation.

In the second age, the Gods of Darkness, born of the Nether, came to Eurthasia with their servants. Corrupting and twisting all in their wake they bent their terrible will on perverting the creation of the light. The War of Immortals shook the foundations of the world. In a desperate bid to save the earth and all they had crafted the Gods of Light split Eurthasia in twain, creating the Waking World and the World of Dreams. A portion of their servants would stay in the Waking World to guide the new mortal races and protect Eurthasia. The rest of the servants and all the gods would be bound to the world of dreams, their ability to touch the waking world greatly diminished. This was the Age of Division.

In the third age, the Dark Lord, a corrupted immortal from the prior age stretched his shadow across the world. Immortals and mortals alike banded together under the twin banners of Illuminaria and Pelantiria to oppose the Dark Lord. After many years and at great cost the Dark Lord was defeated and bound with the bulk of his surviving minions in his realm, contained by the Stormwall to gnaw on his failures and malice throughout the age. Light conquered the darkness. This was the Age of Illumination.

Now it is the fourth age and once again the light will be challenged. A new threat emerges from the guts of the earth; alien, foul and fetid – the invasion of the Dalketh threatens to twist the world into something not able to sustain life as it is known to the wise. And even as the Delvarin and other races of the Underdark fight a losing battle below the surface of the earth an old threat reveals itself. The Dark Lord looms over the world again, turning that which has contained him into a weapon of his own. All his pieces are on the move. Plans long laid will now be revealed. Victory for darkness may well be nigh. But for the forces of light, black winds blow on the horizon. Two hurricanes of destruction threaten to ravage the world, heralds of a greater darkness to come. This is the fourth age of the Eurthasia, the Age of Storms.

Will you dare the whirlwind?

Enter the Storm


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