Table of Contents Races of Eurthasia

One of the six immortal races that make up the Ilar.

One of four sub-types of the Tirellian (Elves).

Aquarin are the sea elves of Eurthasia. They live deep below the blue depths of the Eurthasian oceans. Sailors speak of them in legends of awe. Many wish that they might capture a beautiful, exotic Aquarin maid as a wife. It is said this is impossible because Aquarin can take the shape of a fish at whim. Aquarin seldom if ever interact with humans and their mortal ilk, thus most knowledge of them consists of distorted legends. Some have said that Aquarin will attack ships, while others say they can call storms to sink them. Some accuse them only of trickery and some disbelieve that their is any harm in them at all. Aquarin tend towards great exotic beauty. Their skin is colored a faint green while their hair ranges from blue-green-grey. Naturally they are excellent swimmers capable of breathing above and below water. Their hands and feet have a slight blue webbing between the upper joints but otherwise they share the physique of the other Tirellian races as well as the eyes and ears.


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