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Small of stature, but fierce and nimble – the Borreen have had to survive in a world of hostile giants. They have prevailed through cunning and tenacity where others might have failed. Borreen are humanoids standing half the height of a human. They have dark skin, fair hair, slightly pointed ears, proportionately large noses and long fine eyebrows. Borreen move fast and often make larger races look clumsy and awkward. The Borreen are skilled at doing battle with large foes and famous for their victories.

Borreen are not just nimble however, they place a great deal of emphasis on group tactics and the strategy of battles of all sizes. Though Borreen often seem gruff or hostile, they are usually very difficult to provoke. Borreen almost always think before they act. To become a leader of Borreen, a would-be chief must defeat his fellow contenders in battle but the victory is invalid unless it is accomplished through outwitting his opponent.

Borreen are a nomadic tribal people. Borreen typically ride a variety of dire hyena into battle or on the hunt. The Hyena’s are also used as guards when the Borreen set camp. They are raised by the Borreen and are fiercely loyal and similarly cunning. The relationship works well for both since the kills of the Borreen often leave huge carcasses behind which the Hyena happily devour.


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