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The Common Calendar is widely accepted across the surface of Eurthasia and has changed little from the ancient days of Illuminaria when it was first published having been adapted from the more ancient Tirellian calendar which in turns spans the ages of the world.

The Common Calendar uses the following terms of measurement: 1 Day = 24 Hours, the time is measured from midnight of a given day to midnight of the next.

Various increments of time like Fortnight exist and are used to subdiivide a month. These units are not a formal part of the Common Calendar and are dependant on what part of Eurthasia a person is in.

30 Days = 1 Month, the is measured from full moon to full moon with each day having its own name.

Depending on where in Eurthasia one stands there are between 1-4 seasons. The seasons are Heat (Fire), Wind (Air), Rain (Water) and Growth (Earth). In the 4 season areas each season lasts 90 days and is broken into 3 months, referred to as rising, peaking, falling. In some areas (such as the Broken Sands) there are 2 seasons only (Heat and Rain)each lasting 180 days and the rising, peaking and falling last 60 days each.

12 Month = 1 Year

10 Years = 1 Decade

10 Decades = 1 Century (100 yrs)

10 Centuries = 1 Millennia (1,000 yrs)

Currently the Common Calendar is measured from the beginning of the 4th Age. The current year is the 732nd Year of the 16th Millennia AtF, 4th Age (After the Fall [of the Dark Lord]) though local calendars will often site a year relevant to the establishment of a given kingdom, empire or dynasty.

A Millennia is the longest time scale used by Selar but the Tirellian calendar(and by inference the Common Calendar) also uses the following measures:

10 Millennia = 1 Cycle (10,000 yrs)

10 Cycles = 1 Voyage (100,000 yrs) thought to represent the time it took the Ilar to cross the sea of stars and come to Eurthasia

10 Voyages = 1 Aeon (1,000,000 yrs)

An Age = A very long and non-specific period of time between significant world changing events. The current age is the 4th Age of Eurthasia. These 4 Ages span over 4 billion Selar years by Tirellion measurement.

Common Calendar

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