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Hutarin are a race with the upper torso of a human and the lower torso that looks like most of the body of a large lizard. Hutarin tend to be thick in frame and have a lot of hair, often growing thick beards almost in the manner of Dwarves. Hutarin skin tends to be on the darker side and their noses are often pronounced. There lower portion is four legged and scaly usually tan or brownish in color. Their feet have short dull claws but unlike lizards there legs are better suited a forward motion with little side to side. Hutarin have a fairly short tail that lays out behind then and lends them additional balance in precarious situations though the tail is not at all prehensile. Hutarin are capable of lowering their upper torso almost level with the rest of their body when stalking or attempting to reduce their body profile.

Hutarin are an intense lot, given to explosive laughter and explosive tempers. Life is a struggle and Hutarin meet it with passion and zeal. Perhaps more then most other races Hutarin tends towards fanaticism. They have been known to launch crusades against those who mock or offend their deities. Such crusades always have a set goal to punish those they oppose. After such a crusade the Hutarin will offer forgiveness to vanquished survivors and the matter is forgotten. Just as Hutarin are known for divine vengeance they are also known for revelry. Travelers sharing a camping space with festive Hutarin will often find themselves waking late the next day with a profound hangover and the Hutarin long gone.

Hutarin are tribal and nomadic. They tend to be patriarchal with strong divisions between the roles of males and females. They move about in large extended families of upwards of three or four dozen adults.


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