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One of the six immortal races that make up the Ilar.

Orgus are perhaps the greatest misfits among the races of Eurthasia. As Ilar they are one of the six firstborn races and as such are immortal amongst other things. The weaving of the Art (Magic) comes very naturally to Orgus and they can be detected by the Magic in their blood alone. Orgus are somewhat bizarre in appearance. They approximate the height of a dwarf but look very alien to all other humanoids. Orgus have jet black, almost rubbery skin. They have no eyes as such though some sort of orbs can be seen where eyes would be on another race. Unlike eyes these orbs have a thin membrane of skin across them that cannot open. Orgus noses are like those of an ape and are very sensitive. Their ears are like those of a bat but are quite small relative to the body size. Their arms are long and thick and hang to the Orgus’s knees. They are bow-legged like an orc, though hairless. There heads tend to be roundish with flat foreheads and wide mouths filled with molars. There bodies are squat but powerful. They have deep hoarse voices. No one has ever seen a female Orgus.

Orgus are deep in lore and wisdom. They largely work apart from other Ilar and their purposes are seldom known by other immortals, let alone the second born races. Orgus are highly communal by nature and they only leave their communities at great need. Orgus behavior is strange and difficult to predict. They seldom seem angry but their enmity, once earned, is a terrifying force. Orgus maintain a strict hierarchy and are never seen to argue with each other. Orgus are intensely interested in all aspects of the Art, a curiosity that at times becomes an obsession.


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