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One of the six immortal races that make up the Ilar.

One of four sub-types of the Tirellian (Elves).

The Sylvarin are much reported in the legends of the ages and are more commonly referred to as elves, wood elves, or high elves by the Selar. The Sylvarin of the Fourth Age are somewhat reclusive from the other races, though it is thought that they interact with the other Ilar with some frequency except perhaps the Orgus and have some dealings with the Dwarves close to their homes. Sylvarin have a pale golden skin with hair that is commonly auburn, golden, brown or rarely green. They are tall, slight of build, have short pointed ears and bright, almost luminescent almond shaped eyes. The Sylvarin of modern Eurthasia live primarily deep within their native forests in magical cities hidden from the eyes of their enemies. Many Selar suspect that the Sylvarin are an evil or at least mischievous race, that bears ill will towards mankind, though this is not a view shared by all. Overall Sylvarin are a peaceful people, but a deadly enemy.


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