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Zartharin are a formidable race of Draconic creatures who from the waist up appear to be like Zaris and from the waist down have a body something like a cross between a lion and a crocodile. Zartharin are quite large and powerful looking. They are covered in scales from head to foot and, like Zaris, have ridges that identify facial features and add a physical inflection to their faces. Their eyes are reptilian. Zartharin have a jaw that is almost crocodilian in nature with short fangs along the outside. In various places along their spine and joints, short dull spikes of bone jut out. Where Zaris are squat Zartharin are huge and dense. Zartharin have four legs and two arms much as a centaur would. The ends of their hands end in sharp non-retractable claws. They have a fairly short and stubby tail that is just barely long enough to lay flat on the ground behind them. Zartharin coloring can be red, brown and black and anywhere in between.

The bestial nature of Zartharin has given many a humanoid pause and the Zartharin enjoy that. They play up their size and strength and love to intimidate other smaller (and as they often see it, lesser) creatures. Many assume that Zartharin are week of will and can be easily tricked. While this is sometimes the case it can be dangerous to underestimate a certain slyness in Zartharin behavior. Even as Zartharin enjoy others overestimating their strength, they are clever enough to keep others underestimating their intelligence. The combination of these two things has led many an enemy on the path to defeat.

Zartharin are nomadic and tribal by nature. They respect a winner and little else. Their rulers are selected by unarmed combat and anyone can challenge a sitting leader. They are also superstitious. Their shamans walk among them and often cow their followers with threats of divine vengeance. That these threats have occasionally and very publicly become a reality has ingrained itself into the Zartharin consciousness.


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